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Preserved Wigglers
Preserved WigglersHexagenia Limbata
Although these Wigglers are not alive but preserved they still produce fish in the same way as if they were alive and wiggling. Because this bait is so hard to keep alive we have found a way to preserve them and keep them looking fresh. This bait works year round and is great for all Panfish and Trout.  We keep Preserved Wigglers on hand at all times.  When you receive your order take out of the shipping container and put in the fridge. They will keep a long time as long as they are kept cold.

Model: PW50
50 Preserved Wigglers packed in a plastic container.50 Preserved Wigglers packed in a plastic container.

Model # PW50
50 Preserved Wigglers
Price: $8.29 Each

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