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Mousees Eristallis Tenax
This is a very popular Winter Bait that is not that easy to find.  We happen to have a few good diggers and always have a good supply most of the winter.  This bait gets it name from the long tail that it has.  This bait is available is November to March. When available in the Spring this bait is one of the best for early panfish.  When you get your order take out of shipping container and put in refrigerator at 36° to 42°.

Mousees are Available for shipping now

Model: MICE24
24 Mousees Packed in plastic container. $3.19 per 24 count

Model # MICE24
24 Mousees
Model: MICE50
50 Mousees Packed in plastic container.$5.19 per 50 count

Model # MICE50
50 Mousees
Model: MICE100
100 Mousees Packed in plastic container.$8.99 per 100 count

Model # MICE100
100 Mousees
Model: MICE250
250 Mousees Packed in plastic container.$16.99 per 250 count

Model # MICE250
250 Mousees
Model: MICE500
500 Mousees Packed in plastic container.$29.99 per 500 count

Model # MICE500
500 Mousees
Model: MICE1000
1000 Mousees Packed in plastic container.$44.99 per 1000 count

Model # MICE1000
1000 Mousees

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