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Meal Worms
Meal Worms Tenebrio molitor
This bait is hardly used as a fishing bait anymore but is used as a source of food for many pets and wild birds.  If you are a Blue Bird fan this grub is the best item to attract and keep these birds in your yard.  The meal worm is very easy to keep and care for, just take out of the shipping container and store between 45° and 50° and you will have a long shelf life out of this grub.  Available year round.

Model: MW500
500 Meal Worms packed in a plastic container.500 Meal Worms packed in a plastic container.

Model # MW500
500 Meal Worms
Price: $8.99 Each

Model: MW1000
1000 Meal Worms packed in 2 plastic containers.1000 Meal Worms packed in 2 plastic containers.

Model # MW1000
1000 Meal Worms
Price: $14.99 Each

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